We’ve all been there; a rented house that has small boxy rooms or your first house that isn’t quite as roomy as you’d hoped. 

It can really prove a challenge to find the best ways to style and decorate the room.

Here I give you some tips on how to elevate the space and make the small bedroom look bigger whilst maintaining the comfort.

  1. Painting effect

    If you want the bedroom to be a place to retreat to then neutral colours are best here. I suggest painting all surfaces (walls, ceiling and floor) all the same colour. Yes, even the skirtings as well as this will make the room appear taller and provide the airy and light feeling we are looking for.

    My favourite colours are Cabbage White by Farrow and Ball and Slaked Lime by Little Greene.
  2.  Bed frame

    Beds come in all styles which is great for the modern buyer. For a small bedroom however I would advise steering away from a chunky bed that can overwhelm the room. Look instead for a bed that has a slimmer silhouette such as an iron bedstead like this one from La Redoute or a platform bed without a headboard such as this one here by Made.com 

    If storage is an issue then I would also consider a bed with incorporated drawers or one that has a base which lifts up.  Ikea has several affordable options.
  3. Simple bedding

    A small bedroom isn’t the environment for layers or throws and cushions, instead minimal bedding is the key to the illusion of space. Keep it simple with cotton or linen in a light colour palette to help accentuate the feeling of openness.

    Always invest in the best quality duvet, sheets, pillowcases you can afford. The higher the thread count the finer the threads. Hotels use a 200 thread count but if you can afford 300 it is worth it for the feel. The White company have a beautiful selection – see here.
  4. Storage

    • Wherever possible look to have built in storage – whether that’s along a back wall if space allows or in the nooks. Good joinery isn’t as expensive as it seems and quality carpentry can do wonders.

    • Adding peg rails (painted in the same colour as the walls) can look really elegant and also add extra hanging space if storage is a problem

    • Wall mounted bedside tables/shelves – these save space and create an open, airy feel

    • If you go for a bed without a headboard add a wall mounted shelf – again paint it in the same wall colour

    • If you are renovating or building your own – could you use or install a pocket door? This is such a space saver 
  5. Lighting

    I like to use a mixture of wall lights or ceiling pendant lights each side of the bed instead of bedside lamps because they free up valuable space on the bedside tables.

    There is an excellent range of wall plug in lights such as these examples here from Lampsy which are also great value.
  6. Hardware

    Sockets may sound dull but it's worth thinking about where your furniture will go before installing plug points and light switches. After all you want the bedroom to be easy and functional to use
  7. Use of mirrors

    Adding mirrors is a great way to bring in and reflect light. It will also give the illusion of space and give the room an overall brighter feel.

    Conversely I love an oversize mirror in a small space as it creates depth.

    Alternatively you could layer them up and hang them in a group or “gallery wall” – this also helps create the feeling of space

    I love this style seen here from Cox and Cox